Ashdown Mill
285 Hwy 71 South
Ashdown, AR 71822
T: 870-898-2711

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Media Relations:
Tammy Waters
Office 870-898-2711 ext. 26635

Wood Procurement:
Rick Rodenroth
T: 870-898-2711

Mill Details


Original mill opened in 1968.
Second paper machine added in 1975.
Third paper machine and pulp line added in 1979.
Announced in 2014 the intent to convert a paper machine to a high quality fluff pulp line by 3Q 2016, adding 516,000 metric tons to total pulp capacity.
One paper machine converted to a high quality fluff pulp line in 2016.


Annual paper production capacity of 265,000 short tons.

Annual pulp production capacity of 707,000 tonnes (ADMT).

3 pulp lines and 2 paper machines.

PRODUCTS Uncoated freesheet papers: Offset, copy paper, laser form bond and check paper.

Cellulose fibers: Bleached softwood kraft market pulp.

ACHIEVEMENTS FSC Chain-of-Custody certified
SFI Wood procurement certified

ISO 14001
Arkansas Environmental Federation Diamond Award Winner for environmental excellence. 
Chairman's Best Safety Performance Award.