Imaging Paper

Our specialized base stocks and security papers are key to providing enhanced imaging and increased protection for our customers. Security features like watermarks, dyed fiber and signal stain capabilities guard against unauthorized reproduction and help keep documents safe. Our ink jet and copy paper expertise as well as a broad range of products including coating base stock and engineering copy paper ensures that we will be well equipped to meet all your imaging needs.


  • Good printability
  • Smooth & vellum finishes
  • High opacity & gloss
  • Strength for demanding twisting operations
  • Excellent dry & wet strength properties
  • Various levels of porosity
  • Grease resistance
  • High & low water resistance


  • Good formation
  • Excellent uniformity of coating surface
  • Acid pH for Diazo
  • Various  levels of water resistance
  • Various security features, such as signal stain & fiber added
  • Excellent smoothness for printability