Food Packaging Paper

From grease resistant food papers to printable bags and wrappers, our custom tailored solutions meet the most unique food packaging requirements. We offer a variety of available features, including water resistance, grease resistance, ovenable qualities, (baking papers), and excellent strength properties. And when printability is key, you can count on Domtar to provide the best paper for your packaging design. As the largest provider of uncoated papers in North America, we'll be sure to prepare the right finish, opacity, smoothness, and gloss level for optimum results. All Domtar Food Packaging papers are FSC Certified and a part of our EarthChoice family of products.

Ideal For:

  • Baking Cup Stock
  • Char-Resistant Papers
  • Grease-Resistant Papers
  • Laminating Base ( Foil & Polyextrusion)
  • Market/Steak Interleaving Paper
  • Specialty Bag
  • Stick Papers
  • Twisting/Confectionery Wrappers
  • Waxing Base


  • Good printability
  • Smooth & vellum finishes
  • High opacity & gloss
  • Strength for demanding twisting operations
  • Excellent dry & wet strength properties
  • Various levels of porosity
  • Grease resistance
  • High & low water resistance