TitaniumJET is a light-weight premium product that provides superior ink jet printability with rapid dry time for wide format, high speed ink jet devices. It offers an outstanding color gamut and excellent formation with high brightness and opacity for a crisp image. Unique to this product is the availability of ultra-light basis weights for excellent yield and high pages per inch. The uniform printed appearance is designed to provide excellent ink density allowing for significant ink savings.


  • Lightweight Opaque Ink Jet paper from Domtar 
  • featuring 90 brightness (TAPPI) 
  • Excellent color gamut and enhanced print density for pigment based ink systems 
  • Superior formation that yields multiple benefits such as reduced ink demand 
  • Outstanding printed opacity with excellent inhibition of ink strike through 
  • Proven outstanding performance on Canon ColorStream 3900, HP T-300 and Ricoh IP5000 
  • Performs well in both four-color and mono-color applications 

Ideal for:
  • Ideal for publishing applications such as textbooks, journals, religious books, short run digital tradebooks and financial printing
  • This product is also available as Titanium IJ Pharma with proven superior folding performance for pharmaceutical inserts