Statement on Sustainable Growth

We manage our operations to benefit our three key stakeholders: share­holders, customers and employees. To satisfy their long-term objectives, we manage our financial, environmental and social resources in a responsible and sustainable manner. Furthermore, we respect the viewpoints and concerns of other members of society and accommodate their needs as appropriate to our operations. Striving for excellence in corporate governance and ethical standards, we seek to continuously improve our methods and practices. We periodically report on our performance.


Responsible Forest Management
Because we manufacture pulp, paper and absorbent hygiene products, access to abundant, affordable and secure sources of fiber is critical to our future. We share these resources with many other stakehold­ers, some of which may hold different forest values. We strive to work cooperatively with those who have a stake in the forest and to conserve the forest for future generations by contributing to the development of ecologically meaningful protected areas and by adopting sustainable forest management prac­tices. We are commit­ted to ensuring that our forest management practices meet the standards of internationally recognized, third-party verified forest certification programs. Where appropriate, we favor certification according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Responsible Fiber Procurement
Not all of the fiber we consume originates from lands we manage. When procuring from suppliers, we will strive to acquire fiber which originates only from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner. These lands should be third-party certif­ied and respect the forest values of other stakeholders. We will favor suppliers who meet the standards of the FSC.


Fostering a safe workplace
Occupational health and safety is our primary objective at all of our facilities. We continually strive to ensure safe working conditions, equipment and work sites. The cornerstone of our approach rests on employee involvement and account­abi­lity in identifying, pre­vent­ing and eliminating dangerous conditions and risks of injury or illness. We believe that close co-operation among manage­ment, employees and union representatives is essential to improving our perform­ance. We will conduct independent audits to verify com­pliance, reduce risk, and continually improve on established health and safety management systems.

Environmentally-sound operations
We conduct our activities in a manner that conserves resources. We strive to continually reduce the environmental footprint of our operations by consuming less, emitting less and generating less waste per unit of product output. We identify, evaluate and control potential environmental risks and ensure that all of our facilities have effective contingency plans. Finally, we subscribe to internationally recognized environmental management systems with which independent third parties verify compliance.


We seek to meet and anticipate the ever-changing needs of our customers. We gather and analyze information on market trends and consumption behavior, as well as monitor possible forms of product substitution or replacement. This data allows us to establish specific yearly objectives regarding the development of our new products and services. We are also com­mitted to fostering a marketplace that values products that meet the standards of leading environmental groups; we support this commitment by continually expanding, promoting and commercial­izing products such as Domtar EarthChoice®. We ensure the integrity of the manu­fac­turing and distribution chain from the forest to the market by certifying not only our forest and manufacturing operations, but also our distribution operations.

July 2009
Revised: April 2013