What Are Domtar Pulp & Paper’s Sustainable Forestry Principles?

We believe that the choices we make should leave the forests that we depend on, and the communities we’re a part of, better off for the long term. Our Sustainable Forestry Principles help make this belief a reality.

Our sustainability communications platform, EarthChoice®, embodies our commitment to full circle responsibility, and encompasses the entire life cycle of our products. An integral part of the EarthChoice life cycle, our Sustainable Forestry Principles specifically guide Where Our Fiber Comes From.

Our Pulp & Paper Sustainable Forestry Principles govern our fiber procurement by requiring transparency, collaboration and accountability in all of our transactions.

This is not a new idea for Domtar. We’re proud to be recognized as an early and consistent exemplar of sustainability in the pulp and paper industry. We help to develop the highest standards and adhere to them, raising the performance bar for our entire industry around the globe. We care about results, not report cards. We collaborate with our stakeholders and hold each other accountable for performance, not promises. We embrace learning and applying new knowledge as a demonstration of sustainability leadership.

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Conserve Natural Forest & Biodiversity

We strive to conserve the biodiversity of the ecosystem of forests by maintaining genetic species and ecosystem diversity for a healthy forest environment.

We adopt reasonable alternatives to the use of chemical pesticides to help limit their use.

We promptly re-establish forests using proven approaches that meet recognized forest regeneration standards.

Commit to Local Communities

Domtar is part of the fiber of many communities. The most important investments we make in our communities are the investments that help keep our businesses sustainable – investments in our people, our products and our manufacturing facilities. These investments are what enable Domtar to maintain competitive wages and insurance coverage for our employees, to purchase materials and services from thousands of local suppliers, and to provide revenue to governments to support public schools, social services and public infrastructure.

Since our long term business success is the greatest positive influence we can have on our communities, we believe that our philanthropic efforts should be aligned with the benefits we are already providing society through the items we make, such as pulp and paper. It is also why we use the term "community investment" to describe our charitable giving, grant making, donations and sponsorships.

This alignment of interests drives our community investments into three principal focus areas issue areas: Literacy, Health and Wellness, and Sustainability.

Since 2012, Domtar’s Community Investment Committee has donated more than $6 million to philanthropic organizations.

Empower Landowners to Keep Forests as Forests

Our demand for reliable, economical and marketable sources of fiber creates an incentive for landowners to keep forests as forests, rather than converting land to other uses—such as parking lots or other developments. Those forest lands end up providing many other environmental and social benefits, including the protection of water supplies, biodiversity, hunting, fishing, and camping.

By working together with a range of partners, including leading environmental groups such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Rainforest Alliance, and other companies, we are investing in sustainable forest management practices that focus on the long term, to ensure we can all continue to enjoy the forests for many generations to come.

We are working with our partners to help educate landowners on the benefits of sustainable forest management and third-party certification, making certification more accessible from a process and cost perspective though programs such as: Rainforest Alliance Southeast Family Forest Sustainability Project, Landowner Learning Exchanges, Earth Choice Advisory Services with corporate partners such as P&G and Staples, Dogwood Alliance Carbon Canopy Project, Four States Timberland Association, FSC Group Certificates for Milliken Forestry Company and Greenlink Forest Resources.

Safeguard Endangered Forests & Wildlife

We do not purchase wood from High Conservation Value Forests unless this wood is legally harvested, in accordance with other relevant conservation regulations and requirements, and the supplier takes specific measures to ensure the protection of High Conservation Value Forests.

We aim to increase our supply of certified fiber by remaining committed to implementing and maintaining Chain-of-Custody certification to recognized third-party standards, namely the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®), and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™).

While Domtar has a preference for FSC® where available, we will continue to utilize fiber from multiple certification schemes.

Respect the Culture & Rights of Indigenous Peoples

We maintain respectful, collaborative relationships with aboriginal communities in areas where we share common public lands.

We encourage our suppliers to develop and maintain working relationships with aboriginal and other local communities to help ensure that the benefits of our operations remain in these communities. We do this because it creates long-term value for our Company and for these communities, not to check the box of a third-party certification requirement.

For more information, please see Domtar Pulp & Paper’s Sustainable Forestry Principles brochure.

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