Energy Management and Emissions

Manufacturing pulp and paper is an energy intensive process. We self-generate nearly two-thirds of the energy we use from renewable fuel derived from our virtually closed-loop, pulping chemical recovery process and from wood residuals left over from log debarking. We also generate nearly three-fourths of the electricity consumed by our pulp and paper mills through efficient cogeneration technologies and hydropower.

In addition to maximizing the amount of energy we generate from renewable sources, Domtar is firmly committed to using less energy wherever possible. Detailed, independent energy efficiency audits across most of our pulp and paper mills recently revealed more than 480 opportunities for energy conservation.

We have already implemented many of the recommendations and have realized environmental benefits and energy cost savings. We also recognize that better data can lead to better management. That is why we tackled the complicated, but important task, of establishing a more consistent, company-wide approach to defining, measuring and reporting energy data. While we plan to make further improvements, we now have a firmer basis to make more data-driven energy choices.

We support regulatory policies that: 1) recognize the substantial energy efficiency and environmental benefits from the use of cogeneration technologies; 2) promote the long-term carbon-neutrality benefits of sustainable biomass energy sources; and, 3) recognize the benefits of utilizing biomass residuals, including manufacturing byproducts, for energy generation.


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