Management of Byproducts

Our pulp and paper mills generate several hundred thousand metric tons of byproducts annually that, for decades, were destined for landfills. Today, data-driven management techniques enable us to envision a future with virtually zero waste to landfills.

Our progress in diverting materials from landfills has accelerated dramatically since 2013, as we coordinated a more consistent, disciplined, company-wide approach to defining, measuring and reporting byproduct streams.

By improving the accuracy and specificity of our data, we’re now able to identify, document and share best practices and replicate them, resulting in waste disposal reductions that have set Domtar apart from North American industry averages. The benefits are economic and environmental.

We have set a new goal to reduce total solid waste sent to landfills 40 percent by 2020 from 2013 levels. How?

Three ways:

  1. Implementing source reduction programs.
  2. Expanding our success in finding innovative, “next life” uses for our byproducts.
  3. Developing creative strategies to meet safety and regulatory requirements that often were not designed for selling and beneficially re-using byproducts in the marketplace.






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