Our People

A significant portion of our colleagues are, or soon will be, eligible for retirement. This is an issue many manufacturers face as baby boomers get older. It’s often called the “silver tsunami.” We’re prepared to attract, train and retain new graduates to sustain our business.

We have built partnerships with technical and trade schools to introduce students to advanced manufacturing technology and processes. We’ve also enhanced our Associate Engineers program to ensure that new hires receive a variety of manufacturing experiences, gain knowledge from a dedicated mentor and learn skills that will enhance their careers.

The pace of change at Domtar – in both Pulp and Paper and in our growing Personal Care consumer products business – requires us to advance our culture of innovation. We’re enhancing the diversity of our workforce by hiring talented people who have experience in different industries and who come from different backgrounds. We’re also investing in state-of-the-art laboratories to help these imaginative, creative professionals develop new fiber-based products and technologies.

We consider our high employee retention rate to be a strategic advantage. Domtar's voluntary employee turnover rate was 3.2 percent in 2015 in our North American region compared to a 9.1 percent voluntary turnover rate for the U.S. Manufacturing & Distribution Industry in 2015 (source: www.compensationforce.com). We maintain this advantage by providing our employees pathways for professional growth, and by offering them resources to expand and enhance their skills, knowledge and management capabilities.





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