Keeping Our Employees Safe and Healthy

We've made our manufacturing facilities cleaner, quieter and safer. Domtar's recordable incident rate has been lowered by 50 percent since 2008, thanks to investments in safety systems, heightened attention to work procedures and improvements to personal protective equipment.

But data does more than just help tell our story. It helps drive our progress. For the first time, Domtar is publicizing its "next step" safety improvement objective. To be clear, our ultimate goal remains unchanged: to eliminate workplace injuries. But we think we can reach that long-term goal by focusing on the short-term. In other words, by benchmarking against what's clearly possible, it becomes far more probable.

Domtar's next safety objective is to achieve a total frequency rate of 0.90 in 2016.

We also understand that different types of data serve different purposes in helping us achieve this objective. Traditional safety metrics, such as recordable injury rates, reveal what has already happened. If that's all we considered, it would be like driving forward using only a rearview mirror. Such lagging performance indicators must be used in concert with data that signals where issues are emerging before they become problems.

Of course, realizing the full potential of data requires a strong culture of learning. That's why Domtar has introduced a new systemic approach to investigating any incidents that occur. It's called the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) system, and it digs deeper than conventional incident investigations. It moves beyond assigning blame and instead focuses on learning what causes people to make errors in the first place. This helps develop solutions to avoid repeat incidents.

Finally, our caring for the safety and health of our employees doesn't stop at the factory gate or the office door. Our sustainability as a company depends on sustaining a safe, healthy workforce. That's why so many of our safety and wellness efforts are geared to promote best practices both at work and at home.

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