Transportation and Logistics

We operate a sophisticated, efficient distribution network to move millions of tons of pulp, paper and personal care products to some 50 countries using third-party truck, rail, intermodal and vessel transport providers. Our top priorities are to serve customers, manage costs and reduce environmental emissions.

Unfortunately, we currently face challenges that limit our options. Capacity constraints on North America's rail system limit our access to the full potential of the economic and environmental benefits of rail, forcing us to increase our reliance on trucking. But the trucking industry has struggled to recruit and retain qualified drivers, leading to potential trucking capacity constraints in the future.

That's why Domtar supports public policies that would improve truck efficiency by utilizing safer trucks with greater payloads. By equipping trucks with improved braking capacity and weight distribution that comes from installing an additional axle, truck operators can utilize existing space in their trailers that they are currently required to leave empty.

Domtar continues to avoid greenhouse gas emissions from transporting our outbound pulp and paper products via rail and intermodal vs. truck. However, the avoided emissions we have realized are in jeopardy of eroding as the rail system increasingly becomes constrained, as is evident during the period 2013 to 2015.

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