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How can EarthChoice Advisory Services help me?

Domtar brings together all of the important players in one space to share ideas, educate one another, and solve problems.

EarthChoice Advisory Services offers a range of customized solutions designed to help your organization reach your sustainability goals.

We help you find relevant resources and connect you with strategic advisors. Through hands-on learning experiences, Domtar will help you work through the education process with relevant decision makers at your organization.

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Examples of our work include:

Enterprise Services Case Study

Bringing Sustainability to Enterprise Executives and Staff

EarthChoice Advisory Services (ECAS) worked closely with the VP of Paper and Logistics Supplier Manager of Bank of America, one of the nation's leading financial institutions, to incorporate sustainability into the bank's Enterprise Services Paper Program.

Please refer to the Bringing Sustainability to Enterprise Executives and Staff documentation.



Financial Services Case Study

Understanding Paper Purchasing Impacts

EarthChoice Advisory Services (ECAS) worked closely with the sustainability team of the Royal Bank Canada, the country's largest bank, to trace the environmental, social, and economic metrics behind their paper purchasing decisions.

Please refer to the Understanding Paper Purchasing Impacts documentation.



Telecom Sector Case Study

Choosing Paper to Meet Your Company Needs

EarthChoice Advisory Services (ECAS) was approached by Bell Canada, one of the country's largest integrated telecommunications companies, for assistance in educating the company's internal paper working group on the benefits of switching to Forest Stewardship Council paper.

Please refer to the Choosing Paper to Meet Your Company Needs documentation.



Direct Marketing Sector Case Study

Navigating the NGO Landscape

EarthChoice Advisory Services® (ECAS) was approached by longtime customer, IWCO Direct, a direct marketing provider, to support the corporate sustainability personnel with a better understanding of the external non-governmental organization (NGO) landscape.

Please refer to the Navigating the NGO Landscape documentation.



Consumer Goods Case Study

Increasing the Supply of Certified Fiber

Procter & Gamble contacted EarthChoice Advisory Services (ECAS) to gain insight as to how they could support the efforts of the Four States Timber Owners Association (FSTOA) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Group Certificate Managers in an effort to increase membership and expand the acreage of responsibly managed forestland.

Please refer to the Increasing the Supply of Certified Fiber documentation.


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