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EarthChoice White Papers are collaborative pieces that offer a deeper dive into today’s most important sustainability topics. 

EarthChoice White Papers
An Overview of Domtar’s First Nations Engagement Activities: Dryden Forestlands
Several points in Domtar’s Forest Policy highlight the company’s commitments.
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The Future of Our Forests
Anti-deforestation pledges are a positive first step. But what comes next?
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Making a Hard Job Worthwhile - Helping Landowners Achieve the "Gold Standard" in Forest Management
The forestry profession has long faced a daunting challenge.
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The Current State of the Post-Consumer Fiber Market
Is paper made with post-consumer fiber always the right choice?
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The Domtar Paper Trail
A social and environmental tool providing credibility and unmatched transparency
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One of the Big Questions You Should Ask When Choosing Paper
When you shop for copy paper, think of a group of teenage campers.
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Increasing the Availability of Certified Fiber: Domtar's Commitment
North America has more well-managed forests today than a century ago.
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The Path Toward Employee Engagement
Engaging Employees Through Sustainability
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