Where Does My Paper Come From?

Buying North American paper is the responsible environmental, economic and social choice – and the best business decision.

Paper Made Here encourages companies and the public to ask: Where does my paper come from?

Paper Made Here aims to raise awareness about the importance of buying North American paper by spotlighting the many positive economic, social and environmental impacts of the North American paper industry. Domtar is proud to be a pioneer in sustainable forestry, a North American job creator, an investor in local communities and a consistently reliable and transparent business partner.

Paper Made Here: The Basics

Download this factsheet in pdf format
Download this factsheet in pdf format

Economic: Domtar provides nearly 9,000 North American jobs in 13 pulp and paper mills and 13 converting centers throughout North America, contributing more than a billion dollars to local economies.

Social: Since 2012, Domtar’s Corporate Community Investment Committee has donated over $6 million in support of various local philanthropic organizations.

Environmental: Domtar was the first North American company to offer Forest Stewardship Council® certified paper and has sold more than 5 million tons to date.


  • Domtar pioneed partnerships with leading NGOs to consistently raise the bar, earning ongoing recognition
  • 2014: Innovation in Sustainability and Leadership in Sustainability awards, American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA)
  • 2014: Windsor Mill, Environmental Strategy of the Year, Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada
  • 2014: Corporate Operations Center, EPA’s ENERGY STAR Certification


  • Since 1929, Domtar has been a public company that provides transparent, quarterly financial reports to shareholders
  • Domtar’s website The Paper Trail® is a publicly available digital tool that shows where your paper comes from, as well as the environmental, social and local economic impacts of your purchases
  • Domtar provides regular reporting to both the EPA and OSHA on its safety and environmental performance


  • Accountable, flexible supply chain with 98 percent on-time delivery. 95 percent of customers can receive overnight delivery of Domtar’s stock products
  • 82 percent of customers surveyed have worked with Domtar for more than five years
  • Domtar invests $600 million annually to maintain and improve its world-class assets

Why North American

  • Buying North American paper supports hundreds of thousands of hometown jobs and strengthens local economies
  • Every 100 mill jobs provide an additional 325 jobs outside of the mill
  • North American manufacturers invest 20 percent more than imports to operate in the U.S., investing in local communities and contributing more in corporate taxes
  • North American manufacturers meet high regulatory standards put in place to protect public health, workers’ rights and the environment
  • North American companies ensure transparent operations and business practices, work with trustworthy suppliers and demonstrate a responsible use of resources

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