Domtar’s Paper Made Here Program: Know Where Your Paper Comes From

Domtar’s Paper Made Here program aims to raise awareness about the importance of buying North American paper. The program encourages our customers, environmental groups, policymakers, and the public to ask themselves: “where does my paper come from?” Paper Made Here demonstrates why buying North American paper is the most responsible social, economic, and environmental choice – and the best business decision.

Domtar is proud to be a pioneer in sustainability and transparency in the industry, a North American job creator for thousands, an investor in local communities, and a trusted, reliable partner to our customers.

As part of our program, we have created a new video series to share our Paper Made Here story. These stories are just a handful of the thousands within the North American paper industry. In fact, the North American paper industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and Domtar alone provides nearly 9,000 jobs across North America.

The Steward

Our latest video, entitled The Steward, details the integral role small forest landowners play in responsible forest management. This video takes a close look at the personal story of Donna Janssen and her family’s longstanding history as forest caretakers in Southwestern Arkansas. Domtar is proud to work with small landowners like Donna as we support them on their journey to becoming sustainable forest managers.


The People Behind Your Paper

The second video in our series, The People Behind Your Paper features employees from our local mills across North America. These employees all embody Domtar’s commitment to sustainable forestry, local job creation, customer satisfaction, and manufacturing quality paper products that meet the highest standards. It is the dedication of each and every one of our employees that makes Domtar a leader in the paper industry.


A Portrait on Paper

Our first video in the series, A Portrait on Paper, is an award-winning short documentary, which looks at the life of one of Domtar’s own employees based out of our Marlboro paper mill. This video is a personal and powerful way to experience and share the Paper Made Here story. The documentary features 20-year Domtar veteran employee. His story is a deeply moving one that shows how North American paper companies, like Domtar, positively impact the lives of North American workers, their families, and their local communities.



If you enjoy these videos, and find them as powerful and meaningful as we do, we hope you will share them with friends and family!



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