Guardian® Opaque is economically-priced and offers proven offset press performance and excellent folding strengths for pharmaceutical end-use. This product includes FSC certified fiber. Post-consumer recycled content is available upon request.

Guardian® Opaque Pharma is an economically-priced product designed specifically for pharmaceutical inserts and outserts with excellent offset printability.  It performs well having additional characteristics necessary in pharmaceutical insert and outsert folders.

Guardian® Pharma HiFold takes our pharmaceutical products to a new level.  It provides the economy of Guardian® Opaque Pharma while demonstrating additional capabilities for the ultimate in pharmaceutical insert and outsert folding performance.  It yields extraordinary folding quality and speed capabilities beyond normal pharmaceutical insert products.  It also provides the forward-looking capabilities to be printed either by conventional offset printing or by inkjet printing.


  • 84 brightness with blue-white shade
  • Lightweight basis weights ranging from 26 lb. - 40 lb.
  • Smooth, hard printing surface
  • Excellent strength, rigidity & folding properties
  • Acid-free for archival quality & ECF

Ideal For:

  • Commercial Printing
  • Pharmaceutical Inserts
Download Guardian® Opaque   pdf  (70.6 kb)
Download Guardian® Opaque Pharma  pdf  (176.7 kb)
Download Guardian® Pharma HiFold  pdf  (177.2 kb)
Download Publishing Papers Guide  pdf  (331.3 kb)


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