Discover Domtar's wide selection of Converting Papers - engineered for efficient performance. Our papers are designed to work within the standards provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) withstanding multiple inline printing and finishing processes. We offer a custom solution for your printing needs with our wide variety of basis weights, finishes, shades and opacity levels.

Brown Kraft Envelope

An envelope product with exceptional strength and durability characteristics, designed for a wide range of converting equipment.

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 ci2000® is an envelope product optimized for the demands of the flexographic printing environment.

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Continuous Forms

Domtar stocks over 100 different standard boxed continuous forms. Available in various sizes and basis weights, our products are designed to provide quality performance and reliable runnability.

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Domtar Bagstock
Domtar Bagstock can be used in many market segments including fast food carry out, pharmacy bags and shopping bags.  Our bagstock provides a clean bright white platform for excellent color reproduction and high end graphics.  
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Domtar Tablet
Domtar Tablet paper offers cost effective versatility for a variety of converting equipment.
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EarthChoice® Envelope

EarthChoice® Envelope, an FSC certified product, is especially engineered for stellar performance in high-speed equipment.

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EarthChoice® Envelope Colors
Domtar's EarthChoice® Envelope Colors are manufactured to unique smoothness and caliper specifications with strength and stiffness properties that optimize converter efficiencies.
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Engineering Laser Bond Paper

 Engineering Laser Bond offers consistent quality for drafting paper products.

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Enterprise Postal Advantage™

Enterprise Postal Advantage™ is a product that can help reduce mailing costs substantially.  It is offered in 18 lb. and 21 lb. basis weights and is designed to handle all of the demands of high speed imaging, processing and inserting equipment.

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Imaging Paper

Our specialized base stocks and security papers are key to providing enhanced imaging and increased protection for our customers. Security features like watermarks, dyed fiber and signal stain capabilities guard against unauthorized reproduction and help keep documents safe.

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Laser Forms Bond

Domtar's Laser Forms Bond is a top-quality, 92 bright laser-guaranteed product that is guaranteed for performance in OCR and MICR applications.

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White Wove Envelope
White Wove is especially engineered for stellar performance in high-speed converting equipment.
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