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We will strive for leadership in forest management by adhering to sustainable forest principles on all lands owned by or licensed to us and by preferring suppliers with like principles.

We are committed to: 

Managing for sustainability by making forest sustainability an integral part of our business strategy and using scientific, state-of-the-art forest management practices;

Renewing the forest by promptly regenerating the forest in accordance with recognized standards and taking corrective action when necessary to prevent forest degradation;

Maintaining the state and productivity of the ecosystem by using procedures and materials designed to protect soil, water, air, wildlife, and landscape values;

Conserving the biodiversity of the ecosystem by maintaining genetic, species and ecosystem diversity for a healthy forest environment;

Protecting the forest from insects, disease and fire by con­ducting our oper­ations to minimize adverse impacts on forests and cooperating with protection associations and government agencies;

Reducing pesticide use by adopting reasonable alternatives to the use of chemical pesticides;

Training and involving our employees and contractors by ensuring that they are knowledge­able, skilled and experienced in forest management and are aware of the significant environ­mental impact of their activities;

Listening to our communities by maintaining an open dialogue with the public and encouraging their input;

Working with aboriginals by making it a priority to develop and maintain working relationships in forest management and wood-fiber processing where we share common public lands with aboriginal communities;

Sharing our knowledge with others by communicating with our shareholders, customers, employees and other interested parties to ensure that they understand our commitment to our forest policy;

Seeking FSC certification by progressing toward certification of all operations where feasible.

In implementing this policy, we will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and com­pany policies. In addition, we will ensure the continual improvement of our performance. We will monitor and adapt our forest management practices and validate them against recognized standards through independent third party certification.

Our employees share in this responsibility and are accountable for the successful implementation of this policy.

July 2009

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